About Simon Estes

Simon Estes is an ambitious and driven individual who works for Apptripper, a tech startup that specializes in creating helpful travel apps. He was born and raised in London, England, where he attended university and earned a degree in computer science. After graduating, Simon Estes found his way into the tech world by working as a software engineer for various companies before finally landing at Apptripper.

At Apptripper, Simon Estes has become an integral part of the team due to his broad skillset and relentless determination. He is responsible for developing new features for the app and ensuring they are bug-free while also being able to suggest creative solutions to problems that arise. His colleagues have come to rely on him heavily and appreciate his no-nonsense attitude toward work.

Beyond work, Simon Estes enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as exploring new places all over the world when he gets the chance. He loves trying out different cuisines too, so whenever he’s off duty you can find him indulging in some delicious food!

Simon’s commitment and enthusiasm are an inspiration to those around him; he embodies what hard work truly means and never stops striving for more. With his attitude and skill set, there’s no limit to what he can achieve at Apptripper!